Lib Dems Launch Election Slogan


The Liberal Democrats have become the latest party to launch their election slogan.

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They'll be campaigning under the banner ‘Change That Works For You. Building A Fairer Britain’ and the slogan will be used at the parties spring conference in Birmingham this weekend.
Commenting on the launch Nick Clegg’s Chief of Staff, Danny Alexander said:

“This election will be about fairness and change and the Liberal Democrats are the only party that will deliver both.
"The Labour Party has let people down, they failed to make Britain fair, failed on the economy, failed to protect our environment and they failed to clean up politics.

"Everybody knows that the Conservatives will only make things better for those at the top. The Liberal Democrats are different because we are the only party that will deliver a fairer Britain and bring change that works for you."

Last month the Labour party launched their slogan "A future fair for all" but the announcement was overshadowed by allegations that Gordon Brown had bullied staff at no 10. The Tories, meanwhile, have said that 2010 will be a "Year of Change"

With the election expected to less than two months away the betting market is hotting up with people trying to predict who will form the next government. The Conservatives are still favorite to get the most seats in the poll with BetFred offering odds of 1/6 while are offering odds of 5/1 that it will be Labour who get the most seats. However, even with their new slogan the Lib Dems are still the outsiders to form the next government Bet365 have them priced at 200/1 that they'll get beat the other two parties.

Earlier in the week the Prime Minister confirmed that this year's Budget would be held on March 24th which has effectively started the election countdown which is widely tipped to be held on May 6th.
The Budget will be the Labour party's chance to convince the public that they keep the economy growing while bringing down the public deficit.

All odds correct at time of writing and are subject to change.

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