Betting on the British Grand Prix


This is the week that many British Formula One fans have been waiting for, the build up to the British Grand Prix with practice sessions on Friday and Saturday, qualifying on Saturday afternoon and the race itself on Sunday.

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Unfortunately, it seems that in terms of the Formula One Championship our two top British drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, are out of the running. Although they both have a mathematical chance of winning the championship, in reality it would take a string of unlikely events to give any real probability of them doing so.

But if you still think that they might, you can get some attractive odds on them doing so. Bet365 is offering odds of 20 to 1 on Lewis taking the title and SportingBet is offering 40 to 1 on Jenson doing so. However, if you favour Sebastian Vettel then the best odds you can get are 1/10 with Paddy Power.

Still, the British Grand Prix may have some surprises in store. In the last race at Valencia engine mapping specific to qualifying was outlawed and although many predicted that this would hurt Red Bull, it failed to do so. More new rules kick in this weekend at Silverstone, when off-throttle blown diffusers will no longer be allowed.

These allow the engines to maintain revs in corners, increasing the downforce. Certainly this has been one of the reasons for Red Bull’s excellent performance this season, and it could be that they will be hurt more than the other teams by the ban, especially McLaren. McLaren uses the system, but it doesn’t work for them as well as it does for Red Bull.

Currently you can get odds of 12 to 1 on Jenson winning at Silverstone at SportingBet and that seems to be quite a good buy. Jenson loves the Silverstone crowd and they love him; that can make all the difference.

If you really feeling like going for a flyer, then what could be better than having a punt on Nico Rosberg? All season he has been showing us that he is really a great driver and considerably better than Michael Schumacher, and Totesport has him priced at 80 to 1 for this weekend; it could be a good bet.

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