Sports Betting Statistics Published

Last year, in the UK we made 1,544,300,000 off course bets. These figures are taken from the latest report on gambling issued in August 2009 by the Gambling Commission.

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Interestingly, by far the most bets were placed on dog racing. Dog racing bets counted for 246,800,000 of this total followed by football at 150,700,000 bets. Third on the list was horseracing coming in at 748,400,000. Number betting accounted for 321,100,000 bets.
 In monetary terms this amounted to a turnover of £10,816,900,000 (yes, ten billion eight hundred and sixteen million nine hundred thousand pounds!) which yielded a profit to the industry of £ 1,717,100,000.
 On-course betting adds another £844,800,000 of turnover (£37,400,000 industry profit) and pool betting adds a further turnover of £482,400,000 (£143,000,000 profit).

 In terms of the main industry players, William Hill comes top with 2,228 betting shops followed by Ladbrokes (2,080 shops), Coral (1,630 shops) and Betfred (808 shops). The Tote comes in next at 516 betting shops. Smaller players account for a further 1,600 shops.

 If these figures seem high, then you should also consider that the Commission has also revealed that the results of a recent survey show that over the last hear about half of the UK population have taken part in some form of gambling apart from the national Lottery. If you add in the national Lottery then this rises to over two thirds of the population. It certainly looks like we Brits enjoy a flutter.

 Given the huge amount of gambling activity that takes place in the UK, it might be anticipated that there would be a high amount of illegal activity within gambling, but the same report from the Gambling Commission demonstrates that this is not the case. For the time scale being considered, only 48 incidents of suspicious betting activity were reported and about half of these were found to be unsubstantiated.

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