Sports Betting - Winning Strategies

Thanks to the internet, sports’ betting online is now the simplest and most efficient way of betting on the outcome of a sports event. You can just about bet on any sport you like. As you are betting online, you are also perfectly placed to undertake some useful research in advance of placing your bet. Here we will summarise some winning sports betting strategies and hopefully help you to increase your online sports betting profits.

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Do you need a sports betting strategy? The answer to that is “it depends”. Many people use sports betting to make a bet on their favourite team, particularly if they are a fan of a specific sport. This is a perfectly valid way to enjoy sports betting, but it is not the way to make a living out or it as your fortunes will depend on your team’s success rather than your personal success.  Perhaps if your team does win consistently you can make money, but the odds that you will be able to achieve will not be high.

To make real money out of sports betting it is necessary to adopt an entirely objective approach to the activity. You need to develop the mind set that cares not about which side wins, but is entirely devoted to choosing the side that has the best chances of winning and ensuring that you place only value bets.

Value bets are those that have a positive benefit to cost ratio. This means that the odds on which you place the bet should exceed the probability of the outcome. This means that if the odds for a win are 5/1, then if the chances of the even happening are more than 1 in 5 (say 1 in 4) then this will be a value bet.

Studying form is also extremely important in order to identify value bets. You should look at recent and historical form and come to your own conclusions. You should then look at what other people are saying, particularly tipsters and handicappers who have a good record of picking winners. If their conclusions are the same as yours, you will be making headway.

Finally, don’t forget about bankroll management. How you handle your bankroll is the singularly most important aspect in developing a winning sports betting strategy.

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