Jose Mourinho Offers Advice to Ashley Cole


Inter Milan manager Jose Mourinho has offered up advice to Chelsea  left-back Ashley Cole, telling him that he believes it would be a mistake if he left the Blues to seek a new challenge abroad.

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This comes after reports earlier this week have suggested that the defender is currently considering his future with the London based club.

Cole is currently side-lined after picking up a fractured ankle in a recent fixture against Everton, it has put him out for the remainder of this season and has severely hampered his chances of making this summer's South African World Cup.

Cole has also been making headlines over an alleged “sex text” scandal which has led to him splitting up with his pop star partner Cheryl Cole.

It has been alleged that Cole is unhappy over being singled-out for disciplinary action concerning his off-field conduct. Cole has denied having a problem with Chelsea but speculation has arisen which links the left-back with a summer switch to another top European club.

Mourinho has worked with Cole previously when he was at the helm of Stamford Bridge and has stated that he feels it would not be a wise career move for the young England international to leave the Premier League.

"Ashley has to look after himself," said Mourinho.

"I called him a couple of days ago because I care about him.

"My advice to him is don't leave England.

“Ancelotti and his family must give him advice. But, for me, he will not help himself by moving abroad."

Meanwhile, current Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti has praised the state of the Premier League. Ancelotti had previously spent his entire managerial career in Italy before moving to the English top flight.

"The Premier League is now much better than Serie A," he said.

"In Italy there are only three teams - Roma, Inter and AC Milan

"In England it is much more competitive. It is not just the top four, Tottenham, Aston Villa, Everton and Manchester City can also beat you.”

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