July Wettest Month So Far


There may have been heatwave warnings and hosepipes bans at the beginning of the month but according to new figures July was the wettest month of the year so far.

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Provisional figures from the Met Office show that in parts of Scotland and North Wales saw twice the amount of rainfall expected for July while the South experienced just 40 per cent of its usual rainfall for the month. While the average rainfall for the whole of the UK was 102mm (4in) the South experienced just 102mm (4in). However, the wettest part of the UK was Capel Curig, in Wales, where 340mm of rain fell in July, according to the provisional figures.

Met Office spokesman John Hammond told the Guardian that "It's indicative of the variable nature of the weather we get here," he said.

And its set to stay wet with more unsettled weather expected throughout August "It will be really mixed across the UK," according to Hammond. "Although there will be some dry, sunnier weather for all of us, the further north the greater the chance of more changeable weather, with cloudier skies and rainfall," he added.

July's wet weather followed a spell of dry weather which even saw a hosepipe ban in the North West for the first time in 14 years. However, United Utilities have today confirmed that despite the wet weather the hosepipe ban will continue despite the recent wet weather.

The wet weather also marks a turnaround from earlier in the year when according to the Met Office we experienced the driest start to the year for 100 years. January to June had average rainfall of around 362.5 mm, making it comparable with 1953 which had 361.1 mm while 1929 had the driest first six months of a year, when 275.7mm of rain was recorded.

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