County Cricket Crisis


County cricket is in crisis. It used to be almost impossible to get into the Canterbury Cricket Ground, the home ground for Kent, during the festival weekend, but this year the car park remained empty as so did the stands. It was reported by Hugh Robertson the Sports Minister and a fan of Kent cricket that there were only twenty cars to be counted.

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It is not only County Cricket that is suffering. There were scarcely any spectators at the last test match between England and Pakistan, and even Twenty20 cricket is failing to bring in the once anticipated crowds.

Some people are putting this new trend down to the World Cup and a general feeling about this years international cricket calendar in England, which frankly is one of the poorest of modern times. Although it is not a fraction of the amount of debt that the Premier League has accrued, test match standard cricket grounds have debts in excess of £100 million.

But there remains hope that this dire state will be turned round. There are plans afoot to create city sides which will be organised along the lines of football leagues except that they will be Twenty20 leagues. It is though that this will fan the flames of enthusiasm amongst the younger cricket fan and that, as the time taken to play a match will be roughly the same as in football, the typically brief attention span of modern times will not be exceeded so interest will be maintained and boredom hopefully will be avoided.

Perhaps the real problem is that even the players are more interested in the forthcoming Ashes series in Europe this autumn than what is happening at home this summer. If we retain the Ashes and thrash the Aussies, then perhaps people will return to the home grounds.

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