Ponting Says Australia Count Beat England 5-0 in Ashes Series


Ricky Ponting, the Australia cricket captain, has been shouting his mouth off yet again. This time he has been threatening England with a 5-0 whitewash in the forthcoming Ashes series that will start in November in Brisbane, saying that such a result was “absolutely possible”.

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We know that Ponting is tough; in fact they don’t come much tougher. What is less apparent is that he is also a master of spin, but he has shown himself to be very media savvy in the past. He obviously has a reason for fanning the flames of an already incendiary test series, but it is difficult to see what it might be. If he is increasing the ante on either side, then it is Australians who will come under more pressure than the English. Surely Ponting is simply setting himself up for a humiliating climb down.

Perhaps he is trying to sow doubt in the minds of the England players. It there a chance that England will go belly up when confronted by the Aussies on their home turf? Well, the bookmakers do not think that it is out of the question, though a little remote. Betfair have priced a 5-0 result for Australia at 16/1; though the reverse, a 5-0 result in favour of England, is priced at 14/1. So the odds favour England.

Looking at the world test rankings, if England wins the test against Pakistan later this week, which is very likely (the bookies are offering 1/50) and India beat Australia in October then England will move ahead of Australia. We will be classed as the better side going into the test.

The one thing that might prove Ponting to be right is the record of Australia at home. Already the test matches are sell-outs and Australian cricket fans can do much to lift their team as they have demonstrated frequently. In the last 18 years Australia has lost only one home test series.

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