“Next year could be my final season” Says Mark Webber


In what has come as a shock to most of his fans, Mark Webber the Red Bull Formula One driver has revealed that next year might be his final season in the sport.

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Currently Webber is leading the F1 Driver’s Championship. He has 161 points and his nearest rival Lewis Hamilton in his McLaren has 157.

Although this is not a big lead when it is considered that 25 points are awarded for a win, the fact that the Red Bull cars appear to be outperforming the McLaren’s means that Webber stands a good chance of winning the championship. Currently the bookmakers have Weber’s team mate Sebastian Vettel as favourite at 15/8, Webber is not far behind; he is priced at 3/1 with Bwin.

Webber has been driving F1 cars since 2002 and before Red Bull he has raced with Jaguar and then with Williams. He is seen by many to be a gentleman of the sport and to be able to keep his cool when many around him are losing theirs. Currently he is the only Australian driver, and if he does leave he will certainly be missed.

The race this coming weekend at Spa promises to be another exciting one. It appears that many teams have updated parts for their cars and there is speculation that McLaren has redesigned their front wing in an attempt to improve down force in a similar manner to the Red Bulls. In fact this will not be that useful at Spa for it is a track that lacks high speed corners and so down force is less important.

Weather predictions suggest that there will be rain in Belgium this weekend, so either qualifying, the race or even both is likely to be wet.

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