Line Up for Belgian Grand Prix


For petrol heads and Formula One fans everywhere the imposed three week summer break in the Grand Prix calendar can feel like a lifetime. Perhaps it makes sense from a cost saving point of view, but it is not popular with either the teams or the fans. The summer shutdown means that many of the formula one team factories essentially close down more or less completely and send their staff on an imposed holiday taking no account of their personal preferences or work load.

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Still, we are nearly through it and in four days time the cars will line up on the Spa circuit grid in Belgium, though in what order they will line up is not that easy to predict.

Although at the last race in Valencia the Red Bulls were around a whole second a lap faster than the best of the rest, and in Formula One a second is a lifetime, Spa is an entirely different circuit and will not necessarily hand Red Bull a similar down force advantage. The Ferraris have been looking strong and despite the shutdown there is no doubt that their car will have a load of new upgrades. Certainly expect the Ferraris to be competitive.

The big unknown is the McLarens. Both their drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button have been bullish about potential improvements to their cars and about their intended personal performances. Perhaps it is all psychology, or perhaps they do have something new. It would not surprise if they turned up with an entirely revised aero package.

According to the bookies it will be Sebastian Vettel who gains pole position and Extrabet is offering 6/4. Mark Webber is the second favourite for pole at 4/1 and he is followed by Fernando Alonso at 5/1 and Lewis Hamilton at 10/1.

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