Boylesports Taking Bets On Sheen To Be Top Tweeter


Controversial actor Charlie Sheen has recently joined the social networking Twitter, with going 18/1 that he overtakes Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber to become Twitter’s most followed celebrity by the end of the month.

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Sheen, who earns an estimated $1.8million per episode in his role as the star of the hit sitcom Two and a Half Men, joined Twitter on Monday and has already clocked up nearly 800,000 followers.

And with Sheen currently in the middle of a feud between the producers of Two and a Half Men following a radio interview, the comedy actor is sure to enjoy plenty of publicity in the coming weeks as he takes his outspoken views take to the Twittersphere.

Sheen joins a host of American celebrities on Twitter and is 4/1 that Sheen overtakes Oprah Winfrey’s 5.3m followers by the end of March.

The Scary Movie and Hot Shots! star is 7/1 to overtake the 6million currently following Katy Perry and 8/1 to have more followers than Ashton Kutcher (6.3million) by the end of the month.

Overtaking Barack Obama (6.8million) is likely to prove to be a tougher proposition at 14/1, whilst 18/1 is on offer for him to overtake Justin Bieber’s 7.8 million followers and Lady Gaga’s 8.5million fans.

The three-time divorced actor is also 2/1 to slate any of his ex-wives; Denise Richards, Donna Peele or Brooke Mueller and he is 9/4 to announce his engagement to Bree Olson or Natalie Kenly
“There’s no denying that Sheen is a colourful, controversial character and he is bound to come up with a controversial tweet at some point,” said Nicola McGeady, Boylesports PR Spokesperson.

“The success of Two and a Half Men, his feud with the show’s producers and his outspoken nature are sure to earn him a huge following – but will it be enough to topple Gaga and Bieber?”

Charlie Sheen Twitter Betting:
To have more followers by the end of March than:
Lady Gaga (8,513,963): 18/1
Justin Bieber (7,786,947): 18/1
Britney Spears (6,995,229): 16/1
Barack Obama (6,806,855): 14/1
Kim Kardashian (6,530,887): 10/1
Ashton Kutcher (6,390,721): 8/1
Ellen DeGeneres (6,039, 475): 7/1
Katy Perry (6,009,644): 7/1
Taylor Swift (5,460,742): 5/1
Oprah Winfrey (5,214,718): 4/1

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