Lewis Hamilton’s Top 5 F1 Races

Paddy Power

This is the most important week in British Motorsport. As the teams move into the Silverstone circuit and start to prepare for this week’s events which will culminate in the British Grand Prix on Sunday afternoon, there is still plenty of time to speculate on events and maybe place a few bets.

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Last week we considered betting on Lewis Hamilton leaving McLaren and joining Red Bull. Paddy Power is still offering odds of 6 to 5 that he will leave McLaren this year, but yesterday Christian Horner, the team principal, ruled out the prospect of Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton racing in the same team.

As motorsport enthusiasts we would love to see it happen, but it doesn’t look as if it will. If you want an early bet, then you can bet on Practice 1 which takes place on Friday morning. The favourite for the fastest time is Red Bull, but they are more likely to keep their powder dry until later on. If you are willing to take a gamble, then you can get odds of 9 to 2 from Bwin that Mercedes will post the fastest time; we think that it is quite possible.

Lewis has said what his favourite top 5 F1 races are. No doubt if he wins on Sunday (odds of him doing so are 11 to 2 from William Hill which makes him joint second favourite with Fernando Alonso) then that will be one of them, but for now they are Silverstone in 2008 (we were there getting very wet but what a race! Hamilton was magnificent); 2011 in China (his best drive of the year and his only win so far); 2007 Japan (he led the whole race in appalling conditions and showed that he was an ace wet weather driver); 2007 Canada (he led from start to finish); and 2008 Monaco (his first Monaco win despite crashing during the race).

So, Hamilton’s favourite F1 races are those that he wins; interesting, they are ours too. And of course those that Jenson Button wins too.

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