Red Bull Diffuser Controversy as Weber Leads F1 First Practice on Wet Silverstone Circuit


Red Bull team principal Christian Horner says that his team is being unfairly treated in the new blown diffuser rule, and he is claiming that the new rule gives Mercedes powered cars an advantage.  

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The British Grand Prix will be the first race in which off throttle blown diffusers are banned. These work by blowing exhaust gases over the underside of the car even when the accelerator is not being pressed. The overall effect is to increase downforce and so improve cornering speeds.

The problem is that some engines work in a different way from the Renault unit that powers Red Bull and some other teams.

Mercedes engines pump in fuel when the car is overrunning and engine breaking is taking place, and this will have the effect of blowing exhaust through the diffuser. Renault engines do not do that, so Horner want the rules changed to allow the Renault powered cars to keep the throttle opened to a certain extent in order to level the playing field. The difficulty is in deciding how much throttle opening should be allowed in order to compensate for the Mercedes system.

It seems that discussions are ongoing and may not be decided until a little before qualifying on Saturday.

The fastest time in P1 was set by Mark Webber in his Red Bull as the rains came down on the Silverstone circuit. It could be a wet race on Sunday, and if it does Britain’s Jenson Button believes he will have more chance of winning it. Second fastest was Michael Schumacher followed by Rubens Barrichello.

Good news is that Jenson Button’s injured knee is fine and will not affect his race. You can get odds of 20 to 1 on him winning from Sky Bet.

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