William Hill moves into Italian market

William Hill

Favourite UK gambling operator William Hill have seemed unstoppable over the duration of the last year and they are currently cementing that reputation by entering new foreign markets...

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The most popular gaming operator in the United Kingdom has now moved into the Italian market, by opening its first online casino designed for Italian customers. William Hill was recently granted an official AAMS license which enabled it to make this move.

The opening of the Italian casino marks a milestone in the company's history; it is the first time a UK gaming brand has been allowed into the Italian market. William Hill were granted the official license by the Italian Public Gaming Authority, Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato (AAMS). This his given them permission to be able to offer a range of different services to the Italian public.

The new online casino was launched on July 18th, with a great deal of hype and buzz surrounding the launch. Preliminary reports suggest that the opening of the new online gaming parlour are set to change the landscape of gaming in Italy for good.
William Hill have a huge amount of experience in the British market to draw upon; they are one of the country's best known and oldest brands within the gaming industry – an achievement that is certain to give them an excellent chance of making waves with their new Italian consumers. Their 70 years of experience in the sector have already helped them to make a stir with their new customers.

The new online casino has been several months in development, with concentration specifically focused on making it work for the Italian market; meaning that there are some cultural inclusions that make in a shade different from its counterpart in the United Kingdom.

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