Betfair launch new 'Betfair Everywhere' service

While it may seem like some companies are “everywhere” nowadays, Betfair are one online gambling company who are truly taking that notion to unprecedented heights...

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Betfair are famous for introducing the successful concept of the betting exchange, which has become an integral aspect to the way in which the current online betting industry operates. The popular betting exchange and online casino operator is now aiming to expand its operations, thanks to the launch of a new web-based tool which will enable its users to place bets through themselves, which browsing the websites of their competitors – in essence, the new technology acts as an instant and constant comparison service to the odds and offers provided by Betfair against those of any and all of their main competitors within the online betting market.

The new service to known as 'Betfair Everywhere' and is an extension available to Google's Chrome browser; the new service makes use of 'keyword technology' in order to place its own odds into the web domains of Betfair's rivals – in addition to this, the new web tool endows its users with the ability to place bets with Betfair while browsing other select sports content.

The new web tool is the brainchild of a small group of Betfair engineers, which was born at a recent 'Fed-Ex Day' at the company's technology centre in Romania.

Ian Chuter, Group Operations Director for Betfair, commented on the launch of the new web tool, saying: “Betfair Everywhere is a cheeky, innovative and powerful tool that we can now call upon to further reinforce our value proposition."

“We’re constantly looking at ways to make it easier for our customers to recognise the value we offer and then act upon it. The Everywhere tool is a simple yet ingenious use of technology that highlights our willingness to think differently when it comes to keeping one step ahead of the competition,” he added.

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