Utah signs anti-gambling legislation to join Hawaii

There has been plenty of talk about legalising online gambling within the United States over the course of the last year; despite this, there has been some surprises arising from certain states...

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Although it has seemed to be increasingly likely that online gambling will be legalised in general throughout America, there are some member states who have refused to 'go with the flow'.

This point has been highlighted by the actions of Gary Herbert, the Republican Governor of Utah, who has broke with legislators in the surrounding states by signing a measure which bans all residents of Utah from participating from online gambling.

This law came into fruition in the form of House Bill 108, which was overwhelmingly passed by both of the state's chambers.

From now onwards, members of the 'Beehive State' from participating in gambling on the Internet via a computer or any handheld device; this provides an 'opt out' from any potential federal legislation concerning the matter.

“We want to keep Utah free from the negative impacts of legalised gambling,” commented Republican Stephen Sandstrom who originally put the bill forward during the latter stages of last year.

“Without courageous leadership to block Internet gaming, Utah could see Indian casinos popping up statewide in just a few years.

Utah joins Hawaii to be the only two states in America to not allow organised gambling of any form.

“Utah is only one of two states that prohibit any form of gambling, Hawaii being the other. Unfortunately, this could change soon because Hawaii is currently considering legalising gaming leaving Utah to fight the principled fight against legalised gambling on its own.” added Sandstrom.

Utah has not allowed 'games of chance' since its inception in 1896.

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