Lewis Hamilton aim for “consistency” when looking ahead at season

McLaren's Lewis Hamilton always leaves fans on the edge of their seat, but sometimes it is for the wrong reasons; now he is looking at turning around his fortunes on the track...

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Hamilton announced at the beginning of the 2012 season that he would be aiming to maintain some consistency throughout the season, as part of a new tactic in order to help secure another drivers' championship. The announcement came following a turbulent 2011 which saw him win a great many races, yet fail to finish in many others.

So far the new approach seems to be paying off for the 27-year-old driver; he currently sits third in the drivers' championship behind Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso of Ferrari. Despite this, Hamilton has yet to win a race this season, leaving some critics to speculate that the pressure is starting to build on the McLaren driver.

This has apparently been exacerbated as the Monaco Grand Prix has been billed as one of the “must win” races for Hamilton during 2012.

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