Euroleague basketball and bwin team up


Ten Minute Madness is the latest innovation to come from the joint partnership of Europe's largest sports book bwin and the Euroleague basketball group. It enables fans to take part in the game they love in a whole new way while they are watching the game on TV. It has been hailed as a huge step forward in the way that fans can interact with their favourite sport, giving them the chance to get closer to the game than ever.

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Using the hashtag #Makeyourplay, players can interact with each other over twitter, giving their advice on the teams, their picks for scores and who will make the next basket. Bringing the community together with a sport like basketball can only be a benefit for the entire Euroleague, and using the second screen technology produced by Bwin, fans can make bets on every part of the game as it happens and become part of the action. Each and every quarter people using the app will be able to predict any number of outcomes up to and including the final score. As players accrue points for correct predictions, they line themselves up to win great prizes including courtside seats, team jerseys, invitations to player meet ups and much more.

The Ten Minute Madness app has been designed specifically to run the best on iOS and Android devices, but it can also be accessed through a regular web browser, giving fans a chance to enhance their enjoyment of the match by interacting with other fans from all over the continent, as well as getting them invested in the result like never before. Increasing the pleasure that fans are getting from the game and also raising the profile of Euroleague can only be a good thing, no matter what level of the game you are involved in.

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